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Web fixes

  1. ON LANDING PAGE: MAKE SURE Slider displays on all computer landings. It comes up only about 50% of the time right now for some reason. (see image 01)
  2. ON LANDING PAGE: Reduce font sizes on sidebar and top banner by 2-3px and match their sizes. Leave top banner bolded (see image 02)
  3. 3. ON LANDING PAGE: on the slider, make it so that a banner similar to the “sale” one already present auto displays in the left corner the word “Featured”. Keep L and R arrows but get rid of scrolling dots. (see image 03)
  4. ON LANDING PAGE: Cut sort bar. Keep a Search Bar. Add “Recent Arrivals” to the left of the search bar as a section title. Put “showing results” on the same line. Tighten white space between actions. (see image 04)
  5. ON ALL CATEGORY / PRODUCT PAGES: tighten white space and do not display path or number of results (see image 05)
  6. ON MOBILE – make logo slightly larger / centered (see image 06)
  7. ON BACK END: to populate product content, we have an integration with the API on Discogs.com using a custom cdecommerce import. It currently imports from discogs as well as takes imported items down when they sell there. It does NOT currently work the other direction. We need the listings on the discogs side to automatically be unlisted when a sale is made through the waxatlas.com POS / woocommerce.
  8. ON BACK END: Update and configure ebay to woo commerce / ebay lister program into wordpress to allow us to both import existing ebay listings and also post from here in a synced way.
  9. ON BACK END: We want the subdomain blog.waxatlas.com set up with a different theme (which we will provide) and the settings made to mimic my personal site (including importing the content) at https://aedphillips.com/. The only major difference is that we want the left menu to look exactly like the one on www.waxatlas.com




















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