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Matthew Friedberger – Solos – 0104


Format: 8xLP, Album + Box, Ltd
Catalog number: THRILL 262
Label: Thrill Jockey
Country: United States
Released: 2011
Genre: Rock,Classical
Style: Art Rock,Experimental,Indie Rock
Sleeve condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)

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A1 Hey Chief 3:34
A2 Shirley 3:00
A3 What A Weird Weird Weird Weird 6:04
A4 St. Giles Parish 5:59
B1 Napoléonette 3:50
B2 Courteous And Orderly 2:44
B3 I’ll Ride Right Up On My Mule 3:57
B4 I Had An Old-Fashioned 3:15
B5 Oh The Hell Of It 3:56
B6 North To… 3:18
Meet Me In Miramas
C1 The Sainte-Barbe Triangle 4:00
C2 Meet Me In Miramas 4:23
C3 But Seriously, Why Did You Do It? 8:58
C4 The Diabolical Principle 4:27
D1 Different Dads 8:09
D2 I Met The Queen Of The Night In The Daytime 2:48
D3 If… 6:20
D4 The City Of The Sun 3:46
Old Regimes
E1 The Hidden Location Of My Purple Pen 10:12
E2 Quality Evictions Since 1986 4:27
E3 Rebeccaism 4:47
F1 She’s Relieved, Actually 4:09
F2 Ticket-A-Dance 4:51
F3 Attis 7:16
F4 The Xlebnikov Branding And Wayfinding Agency 7:48
Cut It Out
G1 I’m So Happy I Could Scream, She Whispered 5:01
G2 Finding Love In A Highly Confidential, Custom Tailored And Focused Manner 4:48
G3 The So-Called Commission To Promote Vice And Combat Virtue 5:55
H1 Actress Or Prostitute, Or Actress/Prostitute, Blues 4:50
H2 Call, Click Or Come 4:47
H3 Cut It Out 4:30
H4 The Comforts Of The Coffin 3:34
I1 A Sensational Caprice 3:56
I2 Katie Did And Katie Didn’t 5:44
I3 Dark And Day 2:10
I4 Anniversary Quick Step 5:42
I5 Katie Did And Katie Didn’t 2:45
J1 Away Down West 4:28
J2 In The Days 5:07
J3 My Best Treasure 4:29
J4 Annie Laurie Or Laurie Annie 2:06
J5 Call Me Pet Names 4:47
Arrested On Charges Of Unemployment
K1 One 4:14
K2 Two 5:09
K3 Three 2:51
K4 Four 3:10
K5 Five 1:44
L1 Five (Continued) 2:13
L2 Six 4:13
L3 Seven 4:47
L4 Eight 2:51
L5 Nine 3:21
M1 Coyote 3:13
M2 Mr. Dunbar Among The Pawnee 4:28
M3 Working In The Mine 3:32
M4 Figures 4:40
N1 Decoction Of Artemisia 3:50
N2 Your Best Girl Is Back In London 3:22
N3 Serpent, Say 4:46
N4 Bring It To Me 3:32
Good-Bye Forever
O1 July The First 5:34
O2 Especially So 6:22
O3 Done And Double 5:46
O4 Back At Napo’s 0:53
O5 Christmas In July 1:37
P1 Greyhound 2:18
P2 The Althea Gibson/Robert Kennedy Middle School Orchestra, Mov. 1: The Darkness Of The Dawn 5:56
P3 The AG/RK MSO, Mov. 2: The Middle Of The Morning 1:38
P4 The AG/RK MSO, Mov. 3: When We Were Friends 4:42
P5 The AG/RK MSO, Mov. 4: Goodbye Forever 6:14


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