Wax Atlas is a daily website and email digest parsing the recommendations of music experts into a shortlist of listening for regular folks. Each day we offer one song, one album, and one mix as the impetuous for exploration.
Yes, we’re nerds, but we don’t need to be dicks about it.
Founder Andrew Phillips is the positivist music curmudgeon behind Beats Music progenitor MOG as well as the founding Deputy of Flavorwire and a veteran Music Editor for NYC taste-making powerhouse Flavorpill. Wax Atlas is the new incarnation of his long-running music-discovery list, Acceptable Oddities.
The mission remains, to facilitate musical exploration while making love to you under the auspices of audio adventure.
Wanna reach out? Awesome: we’ve been anxiously anticipating your email all afternoon… Just know rants may be met with rants in return. We are nerds, after all.

Editorial/Partnerships: Andrew Phillips
Business/Advertising: Brian Majka
Press Inquiries: Jean Reiling
Label/Publicity Requests: pr @ waxatlas

Interested in helping out? Rad. Head over to our Help Wanted section or say hello below and we’ll get something going. General thoughts, compliments, arguments or existential ennui? We’re ready, baby. Hit the box below.

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